What we do
We create tactile, sculptural, wearable works of art. Isla Risa bags are more than just something pretty to look at. We design innovative, useful accessories that come to be an extension of the wearers arm.
How we do it
By being a people-centric brand. We want every touch point of Isla Risa to be personal. Whether it’s when you purchase a product and receive a handwritten note or find us on social media and see the people behind the products.  By championing affordable craftsmanship and quality design that is trend and longevity driven.  By being inspired by and responsive to the world around us.
Why we do it
We want to push the boundaries of fashion norms by demonstrating that slow fashion is a workable and fruitful venture, worth investing in. We want to bring playfulness and joy to anyone we meet.
Our Founder
Emma Garner is an award winning handbag designer. Having worked across the fashion industry in both high end and highstreet, 2020 saw her take a leap of faith to start her own brand. Emma has always taken inspiration from architecture, sculpture and the natural world, and Isla Risa is the first time she has been able to create pieces that pull together all these elements.